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Faith like a balloon
August 29, 2009, 1:08 pm
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Yesterday after another visit to the Urgent Care for Asher, we went to the store to get his prescriptions filled. While there the boys asked for balloons and received one each. Normally Caleb and Ben would release theirs upon walking out of the store, “sending it to Heaven for Joshua” Caleb would tell me. That’s what he did again yesterday, except this time his balloon had a hole in it. It didn’t go very far maybe three or four cars down.

On the way home it made me think of faith. And how that balloon can represent our faith at times. Most times when releasing our balloon of faith we watch it rise up to Heaven knowing that that’s where it went. And there are other times we release our balloon of faith and it has a hole in it, because we really don’t believe that it will rise to Heaven, or we grab at the string at the last second thinking we can handle it better than God.

God knew before I did…
July 23, 2009, 10:08 pm
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Wow, sometimes God works things in ways you never think of until well after the fact. As many of you know, we just moved into a temporary apartment. And my goal before we move back is to have well over half the boxes we came with go back. Well, while going through some boxes today I came across a book that helped me through one of the hardest times of my life. A book by Kathe Wunnenburg called Grieving the Child I never knew. I skimmed through the book and though of how much it helped me. About an hour later I was talking to a dear friend of mine, someone I consider to be the daughter I never had. And found the reason I discovered the book. It will soon be in her possession to maybe help her through a difficult time. For those that will read this please be in prayers for this family as it was their first child together, even though they have 6 kids. Their family is close on her side, she is living with her Mom while her husband is away in serving our country. Her brother and his wife also live there and they just had a little one about a month or so ago, this makes it a little hard for her but at the same time not so much. There are all suffering from this loss and they can all use the love and prayers of others. Any encouraging words, or prayers left here for this family will be welcomed and passed on to them.
You know this makes me think of the blog post my husband just put on his blog tonight at Sojourner in the AZ titled Beacon of light. I know its not the exact same thing but what can you do?

How can you be a beacon of light showing God’s love, compassion, mercy and forgiveness towards those that you know are in need. (excerpt from Sojourner in the AZ)

Long Road, Long Journey, Long Absence
June 17, 2009, 6:47 pm
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Wow time has flown. I have been away a bit to long here. I actually miss blogging, but I’ve allowed life to swallow me up, shake me around, and spit me back out here these past few months. So lets play a little catch up here:
My Family-
    Through the fire we went and out we came unharmed. Gut wrenched with emotion, greatful for the fire, and thankful for Gods forever promises of Love, Grace, Mercy, and Forgiveness. As we overcame barriers and struggle over others we found ourselves on our feet yet again letting God use us to help others. Thank you God for another opportunity to serve You.
    A blessing and a thorn all in one. She brought a softness to this family that isn’t always present but is more so now. Even through her tantrums and sweet girlishness I understand how God can love us no matter what we do. She was easy to love even if she only graced my home for a month. When it was time for her to go I was heartbroken, but I still hold her dear in my heart. I will forever be changed by the presence of that little girl.
     My little ButterBean is now a big boy at one. He is packed full of character. He will do something he knows not to do and makes me smile about it. He knows how to play me and does it well.
     His last ‘free’ summer before he starts kindergarten. Wow time really flies. Two months before he starts school. He finds new ways to impress me daily with knowledge. He knows how to work my computer better then I do.
     Even though we have had our trials no matter the outcome God will prevail. Caleb loves to have his nose in a book at times. He has such an imagination its hard to wrangle him in. I know that no matter the issue that comes up God has a plan for my oldest boy.
That’s about all that’s going on in our life right now. A time for some peace, and calmness before God stirs us up again.
What’s God doing in your life?

What God is Showing…..Part 2
March 9, 2009, 12:27 pm
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Wow did my plans sure get changed. I thought having two babies running around was gonna be easy. It hasn’t been easy in any way. But it sure has been fun and a blessing to this family.    dana1

My normal rowdy rough housing boys have had to take it down quite a few notches with having a delicate little girl here. Our normal blue filled home is seeing splashes of pink. Little baby blue jeans are sitting next to soft pink dresses for the next day get ready. Boyish socks are being washed with little tights. Such a difference but it feels so normal for us, as if this is how it is supposed to be.

This sweet little girl in a home of boys has been a blessing. She has brought forth tenderness in us that we had pushed aside for roughness. Its gonna be rough on all of us when she goes back. But it will be a moment that will be in our hearts forever. I believe God has been using this time to soften our hearts, to always be soft to everyone no matter the gender, or age.

I ask how soft are you towards others?

What God is showing…..Part 1
March 3, 2009, 12:45 pm
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I am gonna be blogging daily here for a few days so keep checking back in. These next few blog post will be titled “What God is showing….” It’ll be about the lessons we are learning through the next week or so. My Husband and I have agreed to take temporary custody of a little girl not much older then our youngest boy. Yes a little girl in a house full of boys all I can say is very interesting. This little girl just melts our hearts. Dana

So yesterday was my first day with her. It was stressful but so rewarding to see her open up to be loved by the end of the night.  Now for myself yesterday God opened up a desire to reach out to the ones who don’t have a voice, to love and the little one that need it so much. To treat little princesses and princes like the deserve to be treated. So What did God show me?? He showed me that even though they are small the are still as important to Him as we are.

Have you shown a litte princess or prince Gods unconditional love lately? I mean one that isnt your own??

February 19, 2009, 12:09 pm
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I was off doing some running one day and left our older two at home with Daddy. Our middle boy was sick and just laying on the floor when I came home. Our oldest decided he wanted to wear his dress shirt even though he was told not to. And was sitting in the chair watching TV. He was informed by me to remove the shirt and went to Daddy to help undo the cuffs because he couldn’t himself.

Reminds me of our sin lives and God. We wrap ourselves up in what we are told not to do. Get into it and get comfy. We are then shown how wrong it is but cant get out of it ourselves, so we run to our Daddy, out Heavenly Father begging for help. Crying ‘Daddy!, Please Please remove this I cant do it on my own!!’ And he does. He uncuffed us so we can find freedom from sin. But it takes the removal of the shirt to find total freedom. Not just the knowledge of how to remove it but the complete removal.

Are you just uncuffed or completely stripped before God?

January 14, 2009, 12:19 pm
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Have you ever meet someone you admire, someone you hold in high esteem? Maybe a movie/tv star, a musician? I have once, in my teen years. Angela Lansbury, the main actress in ‘Murder She Wrote.” I knew who she was, it was a nice ohhh ahhhh experience. But nothing compared to what I experienced a few weeks ago.


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